Delivery costs are surging. We can help!

Flat door-to-door delivery rates for white and yellow telephone books and similar print advertising media are surging due to: 1) Record employment levels leading to higher wages and recruiting costs. 2) Independent contractors reclassified by government agencies as higher-cost employees. 3) Skyrocketing demand for other delivery services such as online product and food deliveries.

A directory publisher or delivery vendor using our Micro-Zone routes or delivery kits featuring targeted delivery, can save 100% of the printing and labor costs associated with every address excluded.

Exclude any combination of bad neighborhoods, apartments, or mobile homes. Keep the good parts of each ZIP, skip the bad parts. Our Micro-Zones facilitate the cherry picking due to being typically 10 times more granular than ZIP Codes. Meanwhile, the comparative simplicity of zone-based routing provides an average of 27.5% less labor to canvass compared to postal carrier routes. Eliminating apartments and mobile homes can slash labor costs and print quantities by an average of 25 to 30%.

  Micro-Zones are on average 10x more granular than ZIP Codes. Keep the good parts of each ZIP, skip the bad parts.
  Use for saturation deliveries, targeted distribution, sales canvassing, political campaigns, etc.
  More flexible and less expensive than mail. Reduces canvassing labor costs and environmental impact by 27.5% compared to postal carrier routes.
  Optionally omit apartments &/or mobile homes to slash print quantities and reduce labor costs an average 25-30%.
  Micro-Zones sold separately or available as part of customizable kits including maps, forms, reports. Purchase direct or via leading vendors.
  Used for over 100 million home and business stops.
Zone-based routing is 28 percent less costly Kits enable anyone to deliver phone books, coupons, door hangers, surveys, political flyers.  

Kits include routing, maps, data processing, reports, and forms. Customizations available.

Why use us? Use our routes or kits to manage multiple vendors, crews, volunteers, etc. Ensure complete coverage while avoiding duplication. Prioritize neighborhoods. Track progress.

We may also be able to provide sales leads, marketing, technical, and consulting services.

Kits include maps, forms, reports, data processing.

Micro-Zones are 27.5% less costly than postal carrier routes!

Forms, reports, and maps can be customized.

Prioritize and track progress.

Kits include routing, maps, demographics, reports, forms, and data processing. Grid-based Micro-Zones provide an average 27.5% lower labor costs than postal carrier routes. Forms, reports, and maps are customizable. Add your logo or specific instructions. Prioritize and track progress.

Vendors: Use our distribution kits to meet the unique requirements of your industry or client.

Zoning station
Above: American Trend's Qiulan Norman at a zoning workstation. Zones are designed on one screen while the other 4K displays provide additional data including demographics, aerial photography, and proprietary algorithms and inputs.

Need to cut print quantities? Reduce or reallocate. Stretch budgets.

We can split your markets' ZIP Codes into hyper-local Micro-Zones. Keep the good parts of each of your current ZIP Codes while skipping the bad parts.

Ration based upon demographics, shopping patterns, traffic patterns, drive times, and many other variables.

Implement targeted, selective delivery. Exclude mobile homes, RV parks, and/or apartments for all or portions of your markets to budget print and labor costs. Eliminating mobile homes and apartments typically slashes print quantities by 30%. (U.S. average, varies by region.) 

Micro-Zones for sales, canvassing, and delivery:
1 product - 3 applications.

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